What is freedom apk?

As the name suggests this app really gives the freedom for the users to purchase the in-app purchases and paid games free of cost. Yes! Free of cost. Freedom apk is an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to enjoy the fullest of any game or app by patching the app and allowing the user to enjoy the paid stuff for free. Patching the app which is clicking away, when it comes to the Freedom app.

So this game is especially meant for video gamers because with this app you can hack into the game and get full access over the game. You can get unlimited gems, coins, points and other premium features. Its very simple to install and use it. You would just need to download freedom apk file to install and ruin your game. This article will round up all the things that you need to know about freedom android app.


Freedom Apk for Android

Freedom app which is currently available for the Android smartphone devices. As the Google’s android is updating day to day with better performance simultaneously, freedom app is also being updated with latest version. Freedom apk is developed in such a manner that it can be compatible with most of the android versions. It sticks to the latest firmware which runs stable on any platform without any bugs. Freedom app also regularly comes with the updates resolving the bugs and making the app better with better interface and also with improved functionality. It is also now easy to crack all the new upcoming android videos games.

Freedom Apk Download

Freedom app is an amazing app that allow the users to do wonders. As this app is meant for hack, it’s violating the google play store policies. So it’s not available in play store. But its not a tedious task to download it. We have got direct download links, so that you can easily get the freedom apk file for free.  There are number of different version available. You can download the latest freedom apk  as it is compatible with all the android devices and fixed with all the bugs.

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Features of Freedom Apk

  • The major features of freedom app is to crack in app purchases and get premium features for free.
  • Get unlimited coins, points, gems, health, power, ammo, etc…
  • Ruin the game by having full control over it.
  • Purchase all premium features and prank your friends 😉

NOTE: Freedom Apk Root Access

Freedom Apk only works with the device which has the root access/permission or in other words only on the device which has been rooted. As this app is meant for hacking and other illegal works it is obvious that it needs root permissions to patch the files.

Unfortunately freedom apk for non rooted android device is not available 🙁 If the device is not being rooted and installed in the device, then the app might give a prompt saying “Root access is required to use Freedom

How to install Freedom Apk in android root?

  1. As freedom app is not available in play store, firstly you would require to enable unknown sources in your android device.
  2. To do so, Go to Settings => Security and then enable “Unknown Sources check box.
  3. Now search for the freedom apk file that you have downloaded from the above links.
  4. Now install the apk file by just tapping on ‘install‘ button.
  5. Provide the root access when it is requested.

How to use Freedom Apk on your android?

  1. After installing the app, the user will not able to open the app as you have to change the time zone settings to Moscow.
  2. Now opening the app will display the list of apps installed in your android smart phone that requires in-app-purchases. (Refer below image)
  3. Tap on the applications for which you need in app purchase.
  4. Bingo!!! You have successfully made the In-app-purchase for free!

Share the happiness with your friends by letting them know about this freedom apk  😉

In case if you want to use Play store again then try changing the time zone back to automatic. If it didn’t work out then follow the steps given below.

  • Download a Root Explorer to use the Play Store again.
  • Get to Root > Etc Folder
  • Scroll down to the ‘hosts’ file and delete it.
  • Then get to Settings > Apps > Play Store and select uninstall updates.
  • Then reboot the device.

Freedom Apk latest version for Lollipop & Marshmallow  

The updates for the Freedom app is really good, as the latest updates even supports the latest version of Android like Lollipop and Marshmallow. The latest version always comes with all the bug fixed and improved interface with new apps patch. The latest version at the time of this article is the Freedom 1.0.8b. You may download it from the links provided above.

Freedom Apk Hack

The hack through the Freedom app is very straight forward by which they patch the particular app with a hacked card. This is the card which get used to do the in-app purchases from the Play Store. Below shown is the in-app purchase done in the Subway Surfer game.

So the patch will work perfect without any issues if the Freedom app has been installed properly.

Freedom Apk Zippy

Few users want to download the Freedom from Zippy share as they find it easy. To download the Freedom Apk from the the Zippy share the user could use the link given below.

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