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GTA Vice City APK 2022 v1.10 Download for Android {Unlimited Health/Ammo}

GTA Vice City APK is an Amazing Action Game. It’s the 20th century. You play Tommy Vercetti, a young man who wants to make his way in life by becoming a member of the Liberty City Mafia. As you start out, you are just a small-time hoodlum, but as you progress and complete missions, you will grow into a big-time player.

You can play this game on your mobile or tablet devices. The graphics are great and there are many different cars to choose from when playing the game. Also, there are weapons available for use in the game that you can buy or steal from other players. There are several different types of missions that you can complete in this game such as assassinating someone or stealing something from another player’s garage.

GTA Vice City Latest Version

Features of GTA Vice City APK

Unlimited Health

This is one of the most important features of GTA Vice City APK. You can do anything without worrying about your health. You can run over pedestrians and you will not get any injuries. This feature is available in all other versions of GTA games but not in this version.

Amazing Graphics

The graphics of this game are simply amazing. The game is developed with the latest technology and it has a lot of features to play with. This game has a very high resolution which makes it look more realistic. You will enjoy playing this game on your device. The graphics are so realistic that you will feel like you are actually in the environment.

Customizable Vehicles

The game provides you with many options like customization of the vehicles, weapons, etc., which means you can make your character look like an action hero or villain. You can customize your vehicle according to your taste and style. The game offers an amazing selection of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, and even boats. You can also customize them with amazing accessories such as wheels, exhausts, and other parts that make them look more realistic than before.

Unlimited Money

You can buy anything with unlimited money in GTA Vice City. You can buy a car, a house, a shop, etc. Unlimited money is available in the game to buy anything you want. If you want to buy a car then you have to pay some money and you will get the same car in the game. You can also take up any job and earn money by completing it successfully.


The game is available in multiple languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, etc. It means that you can enjoy the game even if you don’t understand any of these languages. It is a great feature because it helps people to play the game easily and quickly without any problems.

Everything Unlocked

In this version, you will find all the items unlocked. All the vehicles are unlocked and you can use them anytime. You can also collect money from your enemies and use it in buying new cars, guns, etc. This is a great feature of this game as many people love to play games that have everything unlocked.

Easy to Play

In order to play this game, you don’t have to be a professional gamer. This game is very easy to play and you can enjoy it with your friends too. You will surely love this game because of its simplicity, graphics, and great gameplay elements.

Multiple Missions

One of the most interesting features of GTA Vice City APK is multiple missions. There are many missions in this game that you can complete by completing the tasks. The missions are divided into many categories like car races, plane races, boat races, and more. You can also get money by completing these missions.

How to Download And Install?

  1. The link given above will let you download the mod file.
  2. Click the option “download from unknown sources.”
  3. Following this, click on the “Install” button in the drop-down menu.
  4. Two options can be seen after the installation process: done or open.
  5. Click open if you want to play right away. Click done if you’re going to play another time.
  6. Enjoy!!!


The gameplay of GTA Vice City APK is very interesting. You can play it on your PC or smartphone. In this game, you will be playing as an online criminal and you have to rob various stores and banks by killing their staff and security guards. The major part of the gameplay is that you have to choose the items that you want to buy from the store so that you can get more money. You can also use your skills and tactics to kill the police officers who are trying to catch you.

You will be able to use weapons like pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, and even rocket launchers in this game. You can also create your own character by selecting various options like gender and skin color. There are many different types of weapons available in this game such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, and even rocket launchers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get GTA Vice City APK?

You can download the files from our website if you want to play this game on your mobile device or computer system.

Is GTA Vice City APK free?

Yes. It is free to download and play GTA Vice City APK on your Android device.

Will I get banned when I use this app?

No, you won’t get banned using this app as it is 100% safe and secure to use on your Android device without any type of ban or restriction for using it in any way.


The main goal of this game is to drive your car and kill people using weapons like shotguns or machine guns. You will also have to fight against gangs and criminals who are trying to take over the city. While playing this game you will be able to get money by killing people or stealing their cars. After earning enough money, you can buy new cars or other valuable things such as weapons and drugs. In total there are more than 20 different types of vehicles available in this game, which means that there will be something for everyone no matter what type of vehicle they prefer driving or racing with.

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